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Woodward I.T. is an Australian company based in Brisbane, Queensland that specialises in the delivery and support of IT and GIS applications. The company has a wide range of expertise in the IT field and has had many successful implementations of diverse spatial and database applications.

WIT is committed to developing and providing specific applications on time and on budget by making use of the latest development technologies. As well as providing a commercial suite of applications, consultancy is also available on either a fixed-price or contract term.  

2008 is looming as a busy year for Woodward IT - Currently Woodward IT has been investing its time into the development of ShedTech, an innovative quotation and ordering system for the shed industry. Currently work is under way to deliver software solutions to some major Australian shed suppliers. The office releases of ShedTech and PatioTech will occur in the first quarter of 2008.  
During the end of 2007, Woodward IT was involved in developing a software functional specification and online document portal for the Australian Biodiesel Group in Narangba. The IMS (Integrated Management System) was a collection of over 220 documents and forms in proprietary formats that were "webified", linked and made searchable to allow the organisation's quality accreditation material to be accessed by external parties.  
The strength and benefits of TABS (Total Airtrain Business Solution) continue to be enjoyed by Brisbane's Airtrain. TABS was developed by Woodward IT to automate and streamline every aspect of Airtrain. The solution is used all the way from the ticket counter, to reservations, to limousine scheduling, to management obtaining their monthly financial figures. The software is a complete solution that now allows employees to watch the business rather than run it. More...  

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